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Abstract_06Abstract photography is a field that leaves many puzzled as to what exactly it includes. The definition varies so much by photographer and gallery, it seems like there is no common ground whatsoever. Probably the most common reaction is, What is this supposed to mean? most abstract photographs aren't supposed to carry any particular meaning. Many intend to create a certain mood. For instance, cool colors, smooth lines and a soft focus may be intended to create a calming effect on the viewer.
Abstract photography is a process of using colours and patterns combined to create an image, with no true meaning or no clear subject involved. Abstract photography is not necessarily going to mean the same thing to everyone. and helps us concentrate on texture and colour rather than the whole subject.
The most common reaction to abstract photographer is probably an incredulous, curious, What is that? Many abstract photos have no clear or discernible subject, while others try and make the subject appear like an entirely unlike object.
Most abstract photographers focus on the everyday objects around them, familiar things that they show us through their third eye to be less familiar than we like to think.
Special attention to color is paid by abstract photographers. The use of color filters is a very common technique.
Another factor that many abstract photos have in common is close attention to texture. Repeating patterns are a favorite of many abstract photographers.
Abstract photography, because of the sheer amount of imagination and creativity involved in the process, also serves as an excellent exercise for photographers of other fields to help improve their craft in general, building skills in attention to detail, color and texture, and stretch the boundaries of their own personal style with experimentation. It's a wonderful type of photography to explore—try it for yourself.
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