Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Kreative Workflow - Six steps journey of exposure from camera to printer

Step 1. At the photo shoot location, images are transferred to a portable drive.  I use RavPower Filehub Plus to transfer images.

Step 2. A folder is created and naming convention is followed as shown below

For Event Photography - Clientname_Eventname_Location
For Portrait - Clientname_Portrait_Location
Frnds & Family - FnF_Ocassionname_Location / FnF_Tripname_Date
Blog - Blog_BlogTitlename_Location
Concept Shoot - Conceptname_Modelname_Location
Workshop Shoot - Workshopname_Organizername_Location

Fixed name

Step 3. Images are transferred to work machine under Raw folder (stored in external hard drives).

Step 4. Images are brought to Lightroom and images are renamed. The naming convention is same as Folder naming convention and suffix by sequence id.

Step 5. Editing is done in LR and PS and final images are exported to Edited folder (Naming convention same as above).

Step 6. From edited folder, images are sent to printing lab and online gallery for client access.