Monday, November 30, 2009

Counting a Dozen

My 3 year daughter was learning how to count which rendered an idea for this photo project - Counting a Dozen.
Each picture here corresponds to a number 1 - 12. Simmilar concept was compiled in DPS, one pic posted by a member every day for 12 consecutive days starting with number 1 and going all the way to number 12.
These pictures of mine are from the same collections of DPS

Blue Angels @ Houston

1 boot rising.

Blue Angels @ Houston

2 Hornets roaring.

3 Arches of Water Wall

3 Arches of waterwall inviting.

4th Traveler

4th traveller is following.

5 lil fingers

5 little fingers.

6 Colors

6 different colors (moods)


7 hearts falling.

8 windows

8 windows gaping.

9 Arches

9 arched doors inviting.

10 Lanes Freeway @ Los Angeles

10 lanes are guiding.

11 Birds

11 birds resting.

Tennis Ball Cans

12 cans of balls waiting to be opened...

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