Saturday, July 7, 2012

Adjustment Layer tweaks - Photo Filter

Use Adjustment Layers to fine-tune the tones and colors in your image with complete control.

When you first open an image in photoshop, you may decide to add more contrast, correct a color cast, convert to black and white or even turn your subject green. There are two ways to make adjustments as these. The first way is to go to image -> Adjustments and choose from the list of options. Any tweaks made here are applied directly to your image pixels. You can get perfectly good results by doing this, but what if later on you have second thoughts. The smart way to make any changes is to use Adjustment Layers. To apply these, click the circular icon at the bottom of the Layers palette or go to Layer -> New Adjustment Layer. Each adjustment you make appears in the layers palette as a separate layer that affects all layers below it. This means you can take advantage of all the editing choices that working with layers enables.

Photo Filter:

Photo Filter offers a handy list of preset color filters that mimic the effects of traditional lens mounted filters. Most Adjustment Layers comes with a list of presets and are usually accessed via a drop – down menu. These can be a great help, particularly if you're not sure exactly how to treat an image, as you can use them to kick-start your creativity.